Naturopath Software is an offline practice management software for naturopaths, therapists and nutritionists.

Naturopath Software is an intuitive interactive software for the management of:

Naturopath Software ultimate goal is to assist you in the finding of the right holistic treatment strategy.


Naturopath Software is cross-plaform and runs both under Windows OS and Mac OS.

Naturopath Software  can be setup on a network so that concurrent users can access it.

Naturopath Software can also be setup to work from a Cloud so that concurrent users can access it through internet.


Naturopath Software security implementations includes:

  • User authentication with accounts
  • User access control with privilege sets
  • Data encryption

Naturopath Software is used offline on your computer and not online from a Cloud thousands of miles away from you. You are safe from hackers attacks to the Cloud and from internet interruptions.



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